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A Visual Journey

Having lived in the UK, Europe, and South East Asia, I remain a passionate traveller. I translate my experiences into art, often focusing on the unnoticed and the everyday that many pass by.  Having studied painting in the Netherlands and Fine Art more formally at Camberwell College of Arts, I have experience in a range of Media. If you are interested in my work, I would love to work with you at some future date. Please be in contact to find out more and to discuss how we can collaborate .



My practice involves looking at the everyday, the unseen or unnoticed. I am continually influenced by the world around me, the ‘out of sight’ which is often passed by without a thought. My research within museums and scientific institutions, travel and being connected with nature, all influence my thought processes and creative ideas.  I work within a wide range of media and process, in both two and three-dimensional planes, selecting whichever media I think is necessary to make works of art that reflect the subject or feelings that I am trying to represent.

My latest project is focused on the ‘humble’ solitary bee. This was triggered by researching the plight of vital pollinators, their place in the world and our dependence on them.  In her book ‘Silent Spring’, Rachel Carson talks about how nothing exists alone and how every living thing needs other living things in order to survive.  I have tried to imagine a future world without bees and how this might affect us all.  My recent work entitled ‘In Memory of the fallen’ reflects this. This sculpture suggests a loss or void, reflecting the loss and suffering that would happen in a world where vital pollinators have become extinct.

 The emphasis of process is essential to my way of working, it creates an almost automated but meditative state which allows my mind to wander and contemplate. My installation work ‘Seed Corridor’ echoes this; Made from multiple coloured frames stretched with seed laden tissue, the pieces connect together to form one long corridor, much like the building blocks within nature.  The viewer is invited to enter the installation and experience the world within, a nature soundscape adds another dimension to the work.

Artists such as Gego, Jesus Soto, the Neo concrete art movement as well as contemporary artists Katie Patterson and Andrew Goldsworthy, influence my making.  Being particularly interested in the connections made between Phenomenology and art, I strive to make works that cause the viewer to interact and question what they see, giving them a pause for thought.  As artists, we have the capacity to inspire and to help educate.  Art has the ability to restore, connect people with place, memory and current issues. It can help people from different cultures and walks of life gain knowledge, understanding and inspiration.

In light of the ever-present environmental issues that threaten our planet, I think it is important to continually assess my own personal environmental footprint as an artist, as such my focus is on work that is sustainable and environmentally sound. ‘Seed Corridor’ once dismantled, can itself be planted to produce habitat for pollinators and other insects.

During the current Covid 19 lockdown, I have furthered my drawing practice into the expanded field of community-based art.  By Inviting local residents to help plant seed thereby creating a real seed corridor along the road in which I live, the linear aspect of my original corridor has trans versed into the community, creating living lines that connect people and place, creating a sense of the familiar.  These lines will grow in more than one sense of the word as this project is expanded into the greater community.



Experience & Expertise


2020, Leave only Traces,  Copeland Gallery, London

2019, Beyond the Page, Camberwell, London 

2019, Our Haus (A celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus)  Camberwell, London

2019, Fall Exhibition, Camberwell, London 

2019, Anatomical Drawing, Old Operating Theatre, London, SE1

2019, Tight Spaces, A travelling exhibition, 2019

2019, Merge, CGP Gallery, London

2018, Silver Building, Canning Town, London

2018, End of Year Show, Camberwell, London

2018, Hotel Elephant, Elephant & Castle, London

2012, Foundation Show, City Lit, London


2018, Toucan Charity Film - with LCC Film, through Talent Works studio
2019, Art in a Cart, a travelling exhibition, UK


2020, Scotts Lane Seed Corridor, London 



2020-21, UAL Graduate Incubation Programme

Undergraduate Studies

2020, BA (Hons) Fine Art Drawing, College of Arts, UAL, London  

2013, FDA Illustration (1 Year), Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, London

2012, Art Foundation, UAL, London


Proficient in -           Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint

                                 Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & Audition

Hands On skills in - Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Printing, Collage, Woodwork, Wood Turning, Plaster                                       Casting, Carving, Design, Model Making, Crochet, Weaving, Embroidery and Sewing



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